Card, bank account or mobile wallet. Discover the payout options available to you.

The eCommerce market is growing at a staggering rate. Research shows that sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021. As consumer behaviour evolves, so will your need to payout. We understand that merchants are required to send funds to consumers and suppliers. That’s why Worldpay offers a suite of services enabling you to payout with flexibility and ease. Whether your priority is speed, reach or user experience, we have the right solution for you.

Which payout solution is right for you?

With Worldpay, you don’t need to select just one payout method, you can choose several depending on your needs. Whatever your priority, we’ll help you find the right payment service.

Card disbursement

If you want to make super-fast payouts to consumers and suppliers, we’d recommend Visa Direct. It allows you to transfer funds into a recipient’s Visa card quickly, conveniently and securely.


If you operate an international business and need to payout in several currencies across the globe, we offer Bankout. It’s a far-reaching solution that makes worldwide payments simple, inexpensive and transparent.

Mobile wallets

Improve the consumer experience with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which both do away with payment and address entry. We’re able to allow disbursement of funds to a recipient’s original payment method, without requesting additional information or saving bank details.

VISA Direct

Visa Direct enables consumers and businesses to receive funds in real-time. It can benefit multiple user cases including person-to-person, disbursements, Bill payments and merchant push payments.

Visa Direct’s real-time payments capabilities:

  • Speed - Deliver funds in minutes with transactions processed in real time
  • Convenience - Seamless payments to the card your customers already carry in their wallets
  • Security - A safe way to pay and be paid, backed by Visa's industry-leading payment security
  • Ubiquity - Works with more than a billion cards across Visa's global network