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Maximize approvals, generate more revenue and reduce costs

AuthPlus is exclusive to Latin America, if you would like to speak to our team about a similar product in your region, please get in touch below.

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Capture lost revenue and increase online approval rates with AuthPlus

Designed for any eCom business, AuthPlus can help you maximize your online revenues by reducing transaction costs and improve authorizations. AuthPlus uses Smart Routing to route your online transactions through different acquirers based on set rules to obtain the best transaction cost. By being enormously data-driven, AuthPlus learns your individual business’ behaviour, then conveniently displays this data, helping you make more informed decisions about how your payments are handled. Once in place, those decisions are applied to each transaction to maximize the chances of approval.

Cost reduction + Increase approval rates = Optimal business control & growth

Capture lost revenue

The Latin American growth boom is great for business, but it’s also fueling competition. As a result, you need all the advantages you can get to stay ahead, especially when it comes to online credit card processing.

Unfortunately, a large number of online transaction approvals – and, as a result, revenue – is continually left on the table by many businesses, including yours.

The opportunity lies in finding a way to overcome card issuers’ false declines so you can increase approvals and generate more revenue.

Increase online approval rates

Online merchants experience average approval rates under 90 percent, compared to over 96 percent for transactions made at a point of sale.

But there are ways for online merchants like you to narrow this gap. AuthPlus helps you figure out how to drive higher approval rates and subsequently increase revenue and customer satisfaction, while also keeping payment processing costs under control.

Features and Benefits

Turnkey authorization optimization

Smart Routing

Cardholder customer care

Increases approval rates and optimizes transactions

Controls processing costs

Increases cardholder satisfaction