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Fraud is always evolving. Be prepared with full-spectrum fraud protection that responds to the ever-changing threat of fraud.

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RiskGuardian™ can make your business more profitable

Our highly tailored, flexible risk decisioning system RiskGuardian™ is accompanied by an array of complementary risk management tools and services. Don’t let the fraudsters find the gaps in your protection – choose Worldpay’s complete fraud approach and protect your revenues while maximising acceptance.

What is RiskGuardian™?

RiskGuardian™ is a sophisticated decisioning engine which uses a wealth of technology to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real time. Worldpay draws upon almost 20 years’ experience in risk management and a close relationship with the needs of its customers to deliver fraud management that is superior by design.

The RiskGuardian™ effect

Worldpay understands and enables you to achieve the delicate balance between acceptance rates and fraud protection. RiskGuardian™ gives you a full suite of tools including Chargeback Management System, and dedicated Fraud Managers are on hand to walk you through set up and management. Clarks, a major footwear retailer in the UK implemented RiskGuardian™ and saw an additional 2% of orders processed and chargebacks reduced to only 0.01% (from 0.03%).

Market Research Reports

Fraud Trends Report 2017

eCommerce is growing. By 2019, the market will be worth a staggering US$2.4 trillion. With this comes a monumental rise in fraud. Worldpay continue to research this ever changing landscape, providing you with cutting-edge insights so your business can be prepared.

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