Rethink APAC 2018 Bangkok

26th - 28th November 2018


Rethink APAC 2018 Bangkok

26 November, 2018 to 28 November, 2018
Bangkok, TH

We host a selection of exclusive invite-only events around the globe each year. Rethink eCom comes to Bangkok in November 2018, where we will be presenting global merchants, customers and partners with a packed schedule of insights, payment innovations and research previews. 

Event location:


Event date:

26 November 2018

to 28 November 2018

LIVE STREAM: The Global Payments Report 2018

28th November - 10.20 ICT, 03:20 GMT, 19:20 PST (27th Nov)
Phil Pomford, General Manager – APAC, Worldpay

Worldpay’s 2018 snapshot of global payment methods reveals a complex landscape brimming with diversity. Alternative payment methods are rising to meet the needs of consumers online, led by eWallets and bank transfers. Though its long reign of supremacy is nearing its end, cash remains the leading payment method at the point of sale. This complex landscape opens doors to increase consumer satisfaction by offering the right mix of payment options. The meteoric rise of eCommerce is expected to surpass $4.6 trillion globally by 2022.

Join Phil Pomford for an insightful analysis of the 2018 report.

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LIVE STREAM: Next-gen payments: The shape of things to come?

28th November - 11.10 ICT, 04:10 GMT, 20:10 PST (27th Nov)

Marc Massar, Director of Solutions Engineering, Worldpay

Our technology and innovation teams are in hot demand at events around the world. Marc Massar takes an in-depth look at several of our latest payment concepts and future products with plenty of fresh ideas to inspire you.

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LIVE STREAM: Social Commerce: why you should take notice

28th November - 11.35 ICT, 04:35 GMT, 20:35 PST (27th Nov)

Maria Prados, VP Retail & B2B, Worldpay

We're living in a Millennial-heavy, mobile-heavy, social-savvy world. Here's why you should take note and cater for your customers the way they want to browse, shop and purchase. Maria brings years of experience at the helm of Worldpay's retail team and our global consumer data to deliver real insights useful to your global strategy. Don't miss it!

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8 Nov 2018