Subscription Insider Payment Boot Camp West

24 October, 2018
Los Angeles, US

Payment Boot Camp is for payment professionals already versed in the basics of recurring payments and focused on advanced payment issues. It features data-rich case studies presented by subscription merchants and the industry's leading experts on subscription payment processing and retention.

Bill Cohn, Head of eCommerce Product, will be on stage. Learn more about his presentation below.

Worldpay Attendees: 

  • Bill Cohn, Head of eCommerce Product
  • Paul Finley, eCommerce Sales Manager
  • Dan Hernandez, eCommerce Sales Manager
  • Derek Lindholm, eCommerce Sales Manager
  • Jim Robinson, eCommerce Sales Manager
  • Alexander Nagy, Strategic Partner Marketing Manager

Event location:

333 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071
United States

Event date:

24 October 2018

08:00 - 17:00

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# SubscriptionBootCamp

Worldpay Session - 24th October 2018, 11:30AM

Fine Tune Your Authorization Strategy: Capture More Revenue and Keep Your Subscribers

While eCommerce share of consumer purchases in the US continues to grow at ~16% annually, the cost of acquiring and retaining subscribers is also growing. Brick and mortar merchants still have an advantage: approval rates for card present sales average 96% while the median approval rate for eComm merchants is 85%. If an in-store buyer’s payment method is declined, they likely pull out a different card or method. For online/mobile shoppers, alternative products and services are just a couple of clicks away and buyers are still much more likely to abandon their cart. All of which points to the imperative: optimizing online payment conversion. eCommerce merchants simply can't afford to lose subscribers during the payment process, whether it’s on their initial payment or a subsequent billing attempt. 

Join Bill Cohn, Senior Product Leader at Worldpay, to study the subscription payment lifecycle, where payments can fail and the tools Worldpay has developed to help.  

2 Oct 2018