Venture Beat TRANSFORM

21 August, 2018 to 22 August, 2018
Mill Valley, US

Join the thought leaders! TRANSFORM (formerly known as MobileBeat) is targeted to director-and-above execs from the most innovative brands. Expect to hear inspiring yet practical stories about implementing AI tech and strategies. It's about driving real results.

Worldpay's Digital Content team are proud to sponsor this year's event along with IBM and Samsung. 

This year, TRANSFORM will be held at The Seminary at Strawberry. The picturesque property is located approximately 10 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge and offers an intimate setting with amazing views!


- How to navigate the big trends of cloud, big data and AI to get a leap in your marketing organization today.

- Marketers have discovered direct access to customers; now they need to leverage insights to price, package, position and build products based on preferences.

- What’s your social strategy, now that AI has improved personalization?

- How Gen Z Millennials are changing the game with their $44 billion in buying power, and new approaches to social consciousness and value.

- How to interact with consumers that rely less on mobile, and more on voice and audio.

- How humans are still making a difference, even as AI changes the game: Supercharge your organization by hiring the right people that can harness what AI, data and personalization offer.

Event location:

Mill Valley, CA
United States

Event date:

21 August 2018

to 22 August 2018

Event website:

VB Transform

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# VentureBeat

10 Jul 2018