ATPS Global Summit

24 April, 2018 to 26 April, 2018
Miami, US

The 12th Annual Airline & Travel Payments Summit (ATPS), co-hosted with UATP from the 24th to the 26th of April 2018 in Miami, Florida is all about: "Getting Ahead in the Digital Age." At the very first ATPS in 2008, the coolest phones were not even smart. The world has moved on considerably and digital is really starting to impact payments and fraud. So, what do you need to do to catch up with and get ahead of customers' payment needs and with the fraudsters in a fast moving digital environment?This event offers two conference tracks in a single venue: 1) Payments Track, and 2) Fraud Track. It also offers you the chance to connect with the best content and the best contacts in the industry – both of which are designed to get you ahead in the digital age.

Event location:

Miami, FL FL 33132
United States

Event date:

24 April 2018

to 26 April 2018

Event website:

ATPS site

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# atps

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21 Mar 2018