Subscription Insider: Payment Boot Camp WEST 2017

18 October, 2017
Culver City, US

Subscription Insider’s Payment Boot Camp is focused on providing subscription, membership and recurring businesses a forum to learn and understand the unique challenges of recurring payment processing. It features data-rich case studies presented by subscription merchants and the industry's leading experts on subscription payment processing and retention. Request a meeting and tune in to our session to assess your international payments health.

Event location:

11260 Playa Ct
Culver City, 90230
United States

Event date:

18 October 2017

Event website:

Subscription Insider

Workshop: 18/10/2017 at 15:30

Check your international payments health with Kevin Hennessy & Ariel Waldorf

Growing your subscribers by moving into the international marketplace can be exciting and difficult. As you expand, you’ll need to figure out how market payment preferences vary, what to measure to evaluate payment success and how to cater to your subscribers’ needs without compromising your business. Whether you’re new to offering payments outside the U.S. or a long-time, globe-trotting veteran, Kevin Hennessy and Ariel Waldorf from Worldpay are going to share what they observe working exclusively with recurring merchants in a business that transacts over 10 billion transactions per year for merchants worldwide.

3 Oct 2017