Worldpay and Aria webinar

15 June, 2017

The Connected World webinar: facilitate seamless payments from mobile IOT devices

Event date:

15 June 2017

5:30 AM PT / 8:30 AM ET / 1:30 PM BST

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Webinar overview

Learn how to monetise the IOT opportunity

The world has become connected. In every facet of our life we will be presented with opportunities to engage with products, services and experiences from mobile devices.
Now is the time to prepare to monetise these interactions. First we need to understand the challenges and how to overcome them. 

With connected devices engaging with and consuming services from other devices, a payment system needs to be in place that facilitates the transactions with the same ease in which customers expect to be able to connect. Moveable devices need to have the capabilities to make and receive payments autonomously. 

Worldpay understand these challenges, and our innovation team is developing an embedded payment agent for IOT, working alongside Aria to facilitate billing and recurring transaction models in this connected environment. The webinar will give you the opportunity to hear from leading experts from Worldpay and Aria about how to make IOT payments possible. 

By registering for this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about the monetisation opportunities IOT presents 
  • Hear from our lead innovation architect how seamless transactions will be a reality 
  • Understand from Aria how to put in place billing models and recurring transactions 
  • See some of the use cases of IOT


Brendan O'Brien - Chief Innovation Officer, Co-founder, Aria Systems

In 2002, Brendan introduced the world to cloud billing, and innovated database-driven enterprise-grade web applications - before the concept of "cloud" was even on the horizon. He is at the forefront of the recurring revenue revolution that is empowering enterprises and specifically enabling information systems and new business models to secure predictive revenue streams while improving business processes.

Kevin Gordon Lead Innovation Architect, Group Technology & Engineering, Worldpay

Kevin is the Lead Innovation Architect at Worldpay, responsible for researching and developing new innovations in the world of payments and eCommerce. He joined Worldpay in July 2015, and has since worked across the entire customer base – from small to large companies, and new prospects.

11 May 2017