DSA Companies in Focus

24 March, 2017
Phoenix, US

Companies in Focus — known for taking you on site to direct-selling companies' headquarters for a close look at how they get the job done! 

Whether you are a member of your company’s executive management team, are in control of warehouse operations, drive salesforce development or devise corporate communications initiatives, Companies in Focus is an exclusive two-day experience that will provide you with the strategic insight and operational knowledge you need to take your organization to the next level. 

This year, attendees will meet Origami Owl and Gold Canyon executives, visit company facilities, attend presentations, discuss day-to-day operating challenges and solutions and get right to the heart of what makes these renowned companies succeed! Attendees will enjoy: 

  • Discussions on day-to-day operations
  • Study of company special events initiatives
  • Lowdown on corporate communications
  • Overview of company marketing strategies

Event location:

Hilton Phoenix
2929 W. Frye Road
Phoenix, AZ 85224
United States

Event date:

24 March 2017

24 Mar 2017