TravelTech Innovation Summit

15 September, 2016 to 16 September, 2016
Amsterdam, NL

TravelTech Innovation Summit will focus on the latest technology trends and advances within tourism and hospitality industries. Book a meeting with Worldpay today to discover the latest trends and advances in travel payments.


Event location:

Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam
1012 LG Amsterdam

Event date:

15 September 2016

to 16 September 2016

Worldpay Session: Why Do They Pay That Way?

16 September 2016, 9:40am

Introducing Worldpay’s research and summarizing the findings

  • Payment types that people are favouring
  • Taking into account flight and travel bookings
  • Why do travelers pay in certain ways?

Speaker: Jasper Goeman, Business Development Manager

With more than 8 years of experience in commercial functions within various multinationals, it’s my responsibility as a Business Development manager for Worldpay to advice and consult companies with the choices they make with regards to processing payments. My focus is to work together with companies that are truly operating on an international level in the travel vertical. At Worldpay we’re enabling these customers to grow on a global scale with our end-to-end solution and our unique value proposition.

9 Aug 2016