Case Study

VivaAerobus and Worldpay. A partnership for growth.

9 May 2018

The problem?

Processing sales for consumers in different markets across the world can be very complex. With its aggressive expansion plan, Viva´s executives started to see a large percentage of transactions declined and a high level of chargebacks on international cards. It was assumed that this was an industry problem. Viva wanted to understand the root cause, and to ultimately increase acceptance rates, and reduce the volume of chargebacks.

Worldpay's solution

Viva chose Worldpay´s acquirer solution to process international transactions as well as utilise Worldpay's payment Gateway. With Worldpay´s global presence, proven experience with South American airlines, and a dedicated team on hand, Worldpay were able to implement the whole solution within a week.

Delivering results

"With Worldpay, we discovered benefits beyond our expectation; we increased the acceptance rate of transactions by over 40% within the first month of implementation and consequently increased sales volume for international routes. We had a full return on investment within the first month of integration,” - J. Francisco Meléndez, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Prevention and Payments Manager for Viva Aerobus.


A trusted payment partner

Viva chose Worldpay´s acquirer solution to process international transactions as well as the payment Gateway. Worldpay´s global presence, competitive prices, commitment to the Latin American market, proven experience with Mexican airlines, dedicated team of specialists and regional support were key factors that led Viva to choose Worldpay.

  • 40% increase in accepted transactions
  • Return on investment after 1 month
  • 1 week integration
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The results with Worldpay were immediate, within the first month we were converting 40% to 50% more of sales than before.

J. Francisco Meléndez , Revenue Assurance, Fraud Prevention and Payments Manager

Unlike other companies that do a great job selling a solution and then disappear, Worldpay is truly our business partner, they are constantly looking for ways to improve our results and grow our business.

Arturo Mendoza , Finance Director

The investment we made implementing Worldpay was fully recovered one month after we implemented the solution.

Arturo Mendoza, Finance Director

9 May 2018