Case Study

Azul soars into 45 new markets with Worldpay

3 Aug 2017

What did Azul need?

As the fastest growing airline in Brazil, Azul needed a payment provider that could support its ambitious growth road map, whilst understanding the complexities of the airline industry. They needed a supportive partner that they could rely on to deliver a strong endto- end payment service. That’s when Worldpay came into the picture.

In 2016, Azul made Worldpay their payment partner of choice and here’s why...

Expanding into new markets:

As one of the country’s fastest growing airlines, Azul selected Worldpay to match its ambitions and help it expand into new markets including North America and Europe. The airline is now using Worldpay’s online payments and foreign exchange services in all markets, and is seeing the most significant boosts from consumers in Portugal and the United States. Azul, has selected Worldpay as its exclusive global payments provider, successfully driving expansion into 45 new countries and doubling revenue since the partnership began.

An experienced payment partner:

Having accumulated over 25 years of industry expertise, Worldpay is one of the world’s leading airline acquirers, and works with more than 80 of the biggest names in the industry. By working with one partner, Azul has been able to avoid the complication and cost of dealing with multiple payment processors across many markets as it continues to expand. With Worldpay, Azul has benefitted from lower website integration costs and faster market entry, allowing them to quickly grow at scale and ultimately increase revenues.

The results

Partnering with Worldpay has helped Azul to reach passengers across 45 countries, doubling their revenue. Azul has seen the benefits of working with a global payment partner, from supported business growth to reduced complexity, and lower costs to increased revenue in such a short space of time. Worldpay and Azul share a partnership based on trust and experience in the airline sector.

By partnering with Worldpay, the process of expanding abroad is simpler, making it quicker and easier for airlines to set up and gain access to consumers in new markets. Having one payment provider means that airlines gain access to a consistent service across all markets, and aggregated sales data for each market they’re operating in, without needing to deal with multiple vendors. In doing so this allows airlines to save time and money and ultimately improve revenues, as we have seen reflected with Azul.

Juan D’Antiochia, General Manager - Latin America, Worldpay

Working alongside Worldpay has given us a huge competitive edge in the market, as seen by the multitude of countries we’ve moved into and the marked increase in revenue since the partnership began. By giving ourselves the ability to save time, money and resources by operating through a single provider, we hope to demonstrate Azul’s ambition to expand worldwide, supplying frequent and affordable air services to underserved markets throughout Brazil and beyond.

Douglas Pacheco, Alliances Manager - Azul

About Azul

Azul has the largest airline network in the country in terms of cities served, with service to more than 100 destinations. Azul also offers select nonstop service to international destinations including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Lisbon.

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3 Aug 2017