Case Study

British Airways and Worldpay, a journey of innovation and growth

3 Sep 2015

Working together to achieve great things

For more than 20 years, Worldpay has been British Airways’ payment partner of choice and here’s why…

Big steps for the airline payment sector:

Worldpay and British Airways developed a full service, custom-built platform that revolutionalised the way airlines take payments. This multi-currency card processing and settlement platform set a standard for the sector and was just the beginning of a journey of innovation. Worldpay and British Airways worked with card schemes to review their rules to suit the airline ecommerce environment, a big step for the industry.

Global customer reach:

Worldpay already processes British Airways international card payments. Together they are exploring alternative payments types and mobile options to reach more customers worldwide. British Airways has also moved its acquiring in India to Worldpay, meaning the majority of its global acquiring is supported by Worldpay and and Indian volume will be processed through IndusInd Bank.

A trusted advisor:

Worldpay’s world-class payment solutions and proactive relationship management team have been the basis of the trusted partnership with British Airways. Worldpay takes a proactive approach to support British Airways with new innovations and demonstrate expertise with workshop sessions.

Being innovative:

Worldpay introduced British Airways’ Cargo division to Worldpay Total and created a custom face-to-face payment solution with them. This allowed British Airways to offer a premier cargo payment service and changed the way live payments can be taken - another success!

The results

Worldpay processes more than three billion pounds worth of transactions for British Airways annually. Together, Worldpay and British Airways have revolutionised airline payments with the world’s first global card acceptance programme and their relationship continues to be one of innovation. As British Airways continues to grow, Worldpay’s flexible approach has enabled numerous developments for this global carrier.

Transparency and collaboration have been key to our success with British Airways. We have always aligned our objectives and taken proactive measures to meet them. - Tom Essenhigh, Senior Relationship Manager Airlines at Worldpay

The relationship between Worldpay and British Airways continues to be one of strategic partnership. It is one founded on quality - quality of people, of expertise, of leadership and service - and one that has helped British Airways innovate and evolve within the world of passenger payments. - Procurement Manager British Airways

Over the past 20 years, our relationship with British Airways has grown from strength to strength. Together, we’ve made impressive strides for them and for the airline payment sector. - Mike Parkinson, Vice President, Airlines at Worldpay

3 Sep 2015