Cash in at scale on the esports explosion

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16 Jul 2018

The esports market is on fire. Last year 43 million people watched the League of Legends world championships, a multiplayer fighting game. And it's not a niche market of teenage boys in basements. A recent report found that 31 million people watch esports tournaments in the U.S., and more than double that -- 68M -- in China.

Look to the wild success of the Asia-Pacific esports companies. The companies who stage events like China’s 2017 Riot Championships, which posted more than 32 million viewers, have been able to compel customers to actually pay to view content, and even tip players, with the right streaming and payment technologies. By 2020, revenue from global esports is expected to be around $1.8billion.

So, how do you monetize your games at scale? Watch the on-demand VentureBeat webinar for insights from leaders in the space.

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16 Jul 2018