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Mobile Payment Journey: How to optimise your payment experience for mobile

Did you know that by 2021 it is estimated that there will be more smartphones than humans in the world?

2 Mar 2018

The opportunity for companies to make the most of the mobile shopping experience is huge – and payments plays a vital role.

We asked 16,000 smartphone users in 10 countries how they want to pay on their phone for retail, travel, digital content and gaming. We discovered what is most important to mobile shoppers, what would make them buy more and what would stop them in their tracks. Smartphone users think payments first, do you?

The first of our 3 reports lays out the best practices and tips for optimising your mobile payment experience, with direct feedback from consumers in 10 markets, we look at global trends and simple ways to streamline your mCommerce experience.

Visit our microsite to access this report (and others) across Travel, Retail, Gambling and Digital Content. In this report you’ll learn:

  • The key stages of the mobile payment journey
  • Insights to optimise the payment experience
  • Tips to improve mobile conversion
  • And more

2 Mar 2018