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Fraud Trends Webinar 2018

In a rapidly growing eCommerce market, what measures can you take to protect yourself against the rise of diverse and ever-more sophisticated forms of fraud?

23 Feb 2018

This year’s Fraud Trends Report focused on some increasingly prevalent types of fraud, as well as looking into cybersecurity measures and the growth of Machine Learning practice. We also consider the increasingly important and satisfying role of the Fraud Team.

Watch our 2018 Fraud Trends Webinar hosted by the MRC, where our Fraud and Risk expert – Helen Holmes will take you through this year’s insights:

  • Friendly Fraud, Clean Fraud and Account Takeover, highlighting the new, intelligent practices and preventative measures merchants should be aware of
  • How the increasingly connected world of electronic devices could become a risk factor in data breach
  • An insight into how the passionate Fraud Team approach their job while combatting the growing threat of switching to Automated Fraud Tools

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Helen Homes, VP of Product, Fraud & Authentication Services, Global eCommerce Worldpay

Helen leads the risk management product team in her role at Worldpay, a leader in global payments. Helen defines and implements strategic initiatives to drive growth from Worldpay’s suite of anti-fraud products. Helen joined Worldpay in January 2015 after the birth of her second child, negotiating a four day week for a role advertised as full time. She has since defined a new product strategy and her team is on track to deliver 25% revenue growth. Helen spends her free day with her two young daughters and uses any free time in the evenings to write: she is a published teen fiction author who debuted two new titles in 2016 (Oxford University Press, ELT division).

23 Feb 2018