Your users are excited about VR

How can you harness this enthusiasm?

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A world where digital goods and services are accessible across virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is getting closer


Of global consumers think VR and AR will be as popular as smartphones in the future

Users are willing to pay more for enhanced experiences


Of consumers globally haven’t used AR or VR yet as they haven’t yet felt the need to

A perception gap exists between this excitement and understanding how it will become part of their day-to-day lives

If digital companies can bridge the perception gap, then they have a potentially globally receptive audience


Of U.S. consumers believe using a VR or AR device is a more fun way to make online purchases

VR devices in video games offer digital businesses a competitive advantage as access to other types of digital experiences is a natural transition and devices usage is experiencing growth


Of U.K. consumers have used VR for video gaming, followed by 15% for live entertainment experiences

By creating new digital experiences for VR devices popular in video games, digital companies can gain access to an active audience

However, the security of payments using a VR or AR headset plays on consumers’ minds


Of consumers globally are concerned about their payment details being stored in an AR or VR device

If businesses can implement the right security measures, the appetite to purchase is present

Working with payment experts in VR/AR will help to overcome these concerns as well as implementing some of the innovative developments that users expect to see

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The 360 consumer: how VR is reshaping the buying experience research was conducted by Opinium and examines the viewpoints of over 16,020 consumers across eight markets on the current take up of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies as well as the barriers and benefits to adoption envisaged.

Online interviews were completed by adults who have heard of Virtual or Augmented Reality in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America between 2nd-10th March 2017.


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