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The 360 consumer - how VR is reshaping the buying experience

The line between the physical and virtual world has never been blurrier.  From social media to augmented reality gaming, we spend hours immersing ourselves in the digital world.  As consumer appetite for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) increases, businesses can no longer view them as fads.

26 May 2017

To understand consumer attitudes to AR & VR, we  surveyed 16,000 consumers, across 8 global markets. We looked at the current state-of-play for VR across global retail, digital content and video games, and travel and airlines – including how consumers could purchase goods or services within a virtual world. 

The results may surprise you!  Not only how consumers want VR incorporated into their shopping experience, but how there’s a huge difference in adoption levels across different markets. 

‘The 360 consumer – how VR is reshaping the buying experience’ is one report, your business can’t afford not to read.  To get the full report – simply complete the form. 

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26 May 2017