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Worldpay & Cognizant report: A retailer’s guide to payment optimisation

How can optimisation boost eCommerce sales?

20 Apr 2017

In 2016, the global eCommerce market increased to $2.4tn. By 2020, it’s set to reach $3.5tn.

In this fast-paced global environment, opportunities are becoming bigger and competition steeper. So how can retailers stay ahead while both keeping costs low and selling more?

We’ve partnered with the experts at Cognizant to bring you this guide. In it we discuss the numerous ways retailers can improve their business, their user experience and their know-how to increase sales and better reach customers.

This guide discusses:

  • Why understanding your local market matters when selling cross-border
  • How to minimise fraud to maximise profit
  • A number of ways to boost conversion online – and why abandoned baskets might not be as bad as you think
  • How reducing steps in the purchasing process makes it easer for customers to buy
  • Why loyalty programmes are key to omni-channel growth
  • How to use data more intelligently to optimise sales
  • And much more

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20 Apr 2017