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Webinar: How to create a simple and seamless payment UX

Join Unity Technologies, Wix and Deezer as we explore what steps you can take to improve your payment UX to boost checkout conversion and payment acceptance, and what you should look to in future to make your experience truly seamless.

9 Sep 2016

Buying a digital good or service is about experience and convenience. Users receive purchases immediately, so payment should be quick and non-intrusive.  Some of the biggest payment methods have their own processes, and often steps to make a payment "invisible" cause users to worry about their data.

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In this webinar you will discover:

  • How to work with third party payment processes and ensure you keep control of your UX
  • What steps you can take toward 'invisible payments', and where the areas of concern are for users today
  • Could data & identity be the future of payment user experience?

9 Sep 2016