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The three key ways to improve your subscriber value

Hosted by VentureBeat, this webinar offers useful tips from subscription experts at Netflix, Dollar Shave Club and Worldpay. Watch it below anytime, anywhere.

7 Jun 2016

Gym memberships have operated on subscriptions and profited for decades. Now this age old model has taken new life in the mobile age as best in class providers like Netflix, Dollar Shave Club and many others get consumers and businesses to sign up with a credit card for instant service.
We spoke to some of the most innovative subscription companies about the best ways to convert your users into subscribers - and keep them for the long haul. You’ll also learn how improving your payments increases your subscriber worth as a whole - and can generate huge revenue returns.
In this webinar, you’ll:
  • Learn how to convert your users into long term subscribers, generating a greater life time value
  • Improve your payment system and processes to actually increase overall revenue
  • Get insight into the changing global marketplace as it pertains to your untapped subscriber base

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The webinar is hosted by VentureBeat and Worldpay with executive panelists from Netflix and Dollar Shave Club

7 Jun 2016