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Is the airline industry ready for omni-channel payments?

Taking payments in an omni-channel world.

26 Apr 2016

Taking payments in an omni-channel world

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the benefits and challenges

Are airlines ready to embrace the opportunity?

With the rise of smart devices, customers expect to interact and book tickets from airlines seamlessly across all channels and touchpoints, at all times. Getting the payment experience right is crucial to reap the potential benefits.

Let’s explore the benefits and challenges of each opportunity


Optimise your booking experience


Understand your customer better


Improve operational efficiency

Optimise your booking experience


Increase sales with consistency across channels

Providing a consistent payment experience across multiple devices such as desktops, mobiles, kiosks, tablets and other smart devices increases the likelihood of purchases.

Improve chances of recurring revenue

Storing your customer's payment profile will make repeat bookings easier. It will also help you sell additional ancillary services at various time points before, during and after the flight.


Balancing sales with risk of fraud

Risk management tools don’t work in the same way across all channels so the approach needs to be modified for each to reap rewards. For example 3D Secure doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Payment preferences differ from country to country

A global omni-channel proposition would need to take local payment differences into account so not to impact the customer experience.

Understand your customer better

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First-class customer service

A central view of all payment transactions simplifies customer service requests such as cancellations, refunds and additional purchases.

Personalise the experience

Analysing your payment data can help you define the profile of your customers and understand their booking behaviour over time so you can personalise their experience.


Who owns the customer?

If flights are booked through an online travel agent, passenger contact and payment information may not be known to the airline. This makes it difficult to up sell or cross sell additional services.

Privacy versus personalisation

There are rules and regulations around how companies can store and use their customer’s data in different countries. This can restrict the extent to which you can personalise the offers and booking experience you present.

operational efficiency


Better reporting

Working with fewer payment partners means easier reporting and reconciliation of transaction data. It also opens opportunities to improve cash flow and optimise foreign exchange.

Manage fewer supplier relationships

Working with a global supplier with omni-channel capabilities allows you to reduce the number of local relationships and technical integrations that you need to manage. Consolidating payment volumes may reduce your payment costs.


Complex airline distribution eco-system

Airlines have numerous partners for their distribution systems. Partners can vary by country and some of the infrastructure is shared between multiple airlines. Financial rules and regulations as well as payment systems differ which means implementing a unified payment system requires the involvement of many different stakeholders.

Worldpay is a leader in airline payments. We would love to talk to you about how omni-channel relates to your business.

Interested? Contact us to find out more

Worldpay is a leader in airline payments. We would love to talk to you about how omni-channel relates to your business.

Interested? Contact us to find out more
  • The

  • Optimise your booking experience

  • Understand your customer better

  • Improve operational efficiency

26 Apr 2016