Finding the perfect payments integration just got easier

Written by:   Lochan Sim, Partner Solutions Director, Worldpay,  20 Jul 2017

‘Worldpay Works With’ - An online marketplace for partner integrations

Finding the right payments integration can be like buying clothes.   You find the one you like – but it doesn’t quite fit.  So, you either make-do – or spend money and time altering it yourself.  That’s why we’ve launched ‘Worldpay Works With’ – an online marketplace, showcasing all the partner integrations we offer. 

‘Works With’ includes details of over 60 partner integrations, plugins and add-ons, including SAP Hybris, Amadeus, Zuora, Magento, VTEX and more.  And it’s growing by the day.  You’ll find Commerce Platforms, POS Platforms, IoT integrations, Subscription Management, to name just a few.  It’s easy to use, with search functionality and filters.  

Each partner integration includes a demo and online tour, as well as the main features and benefits.  Plus you can even compare integrations once you’ve narrowed down your search.  

The site is also designed to help our partners generate new business opportunities – with users able to request more information on integrations they’re interested in.

A new age in transparency

Another feature of ‘Works With’ is ‘Ideas’ – an area where you can request improvements or enhancements to existing partner integrations.  So, if you want to offer a payment method that’s not currently supported by your preferred integration, or you want more detailed instructional material – or a new workflow for an integration, you can tell us.  

We review all ideas – and if we start working on it – you’ll be notified that it’s in our workflow.  So, you’ll know what improvements and enhancements are coming down the line.  

All requests submitted are clearly displayed – and other people can vote on the idea, or add their own spin to it, or comment.  The more votes – or support an idea gets – the higher up it moves in the work queue.  

So, if it’s something other people want – your suggestion could soon become a reality.  Want some inspiration?  Then take a look at the current ‘Ideas’ here.

Get involved

Whether you’re an existing partner, looking to generate more business, or a developer or integrator, looking to improve your eCommerce offering, take a look at ‘Worldpay Works With’ today.  We’d love to hear your ideas for improvements to our partner integrations, or even the ‘Works With’ portal as a whole.

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Written by:   Lochan Sim, Partner Solutions Director, Worldpay,  20 Jul 2017