The future of hospitality: Businesses transforming themselves through integrated e-commerce

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The future of hospitality: Businesses transforming themselves through integrated e-commerce

Written by:   Andrew White, CEO, Preoday,  17 Mar 2017

Mobile technology is disrupting industries at a rapid pace, and the hospitality sector is no exception. Consumers are increasingly demanding the convenience of choosing and paying for food and drink via their phones, wherever they are. However, rather than seeing this as a consumer-driven trend, businesses should approach-commerce, and m-commerce in particular, as an opportunity for transformation.

Here are three ways flexible integrated mobile ordering and payments solutions can help businesses.

1. The insight to transform businesses: When mobile and online ordering technology and mobile and online payments work together seamlessly, the business has improved access to, and a more rounded view of, data that helps them better understand and serve customers. Rich data analysis will help them make decisions about the direction of the company and see the immediate feedback from customers as they react to these changes.

From a loyalty perspective, the gathering of customer data enables businesses to create effective loyalty schemes and engage in targeted marketing efforts aimed at the individual customer.

2. Better operational efficiency: As new mobile and online channels grow, hospitality businesses need to rethink their operations, equipment and facilities, so that they are optimised to absorb increased order volumes.

Unified workflows for order processing and payment processing helps avoid complications, helps operational efficiency, improves stock control, lowers risk and grows margins. When the order information and the payment information are combined in one system, employees have full information to process each order in one convenient place with the assurance of customer payment for each order.

3. Faster service: Ultimately, businesses will help themselves by making customers happier. Consumers don’t want to wait in line and they want the same seamless experience that they enjoy when ordering and paying online in other sectors. 

Mobile and online ordering streamlines choosing, ordering, and paying so that the only interaction at the counter is picking up the food or drink of choice, or with a delivery agent. The hospitality businesses that can provide their food and drinks with the shortest waiting time will see happier customers and will ultimately grow their business.

Consumers are demanding integrated mobile and online ordering and payment technology, but there is just as much reason for hospitality businesses to be driving this trend. It will help them make customers happier, more loyal and help grow their bottom line. 

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Written by:   Andrew White, CEO, Preoday,  17 Mar 2017