This week’s eCommerce News - Travel & Airlines Special

Written by:   Gareth Goodridge, Digital Marketing Director, Worldpay,  17 Jun 2016

As we fast approach the main vacation period, this week’s social summary focuses on travel.  There has been some really interesting news in this sector over the past week.  Here’s our pick of the best. 

Tablets win the package holiday war

It’s predicted that mobile travel sales will reach $65 billion in the US this year.  Personalized retargeting firm, Criteo, anaylsed mobile bookings across various travel sub-sectors - and found some interesting results.  Smartphones win when it comes to mobile hotel bookings - taking a massive 81% of the market.  But air and package holidays are more evenly split.  When it comes to airlines, the split is pretty even - with 53% via smartphone and 47% via tablet.  And tablets come out on top when it comes to package holidays - taking 60% of mobile bookings.  

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European Tourism is on the up

There may be a lot of uncertainty around Europe at the moment - but one thing is certain - tourism is still performing well.  According to the latest UNWTO Barometer, arrivals to Europe (including all sub-regions) have grown 4.2% year-to-date - just slightly down on 2015 (4.6%).  Western Europe is strongest in short-term rentals, bus transport and low-cost carriers - which is a solid indication that value for money continues to be a driving factor.  And eCommerce?  Mobile sales have experienced double-digit growth of 18%. 

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Get ready for a Chinese invasion

The Chinese are coming …. in their droves!  A new report predicts that there will be 174 million Chinese international tourists by 2019. When you compare these figures to 2014 - Chinese tourism will grow 60% during the 5 year period.  And it’s mainly younger Chinese making trips, with 62% between 15 & 34 years old.  This isn’t just good news for travel businesses - as they’ll have $264 billion to spend on overseas shopping - up from $163 billion last year.

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British travellers can’t get enough digital content

A new study commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions explores the online & offline touch points that can influence the purchase journey for British travellers.  The study found that British travellers spend over 2.4 billion minutes engaging with digital travel content.  And mobile is on the increase - with nearly 1 billion minutes - up 82% year-on-year.  The research also highlighted the growth of multi-device purchase journeys - with almost half using multiple devices.

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Apple Pay comes to the web

OK - it’s not entirely travel related - but we can’t really do a summary of the week’s eCommerce news without mentioning Apple Pay! At WWDC in San Francisco, Apple made the annoucement we’ve been waiting for!  This fall, Mac users will be able to pay online in Safari.  They’ll use a “Pay with Apple Pay” button, and authenticate their purchase using Touch ID on their phone or watch.  The move will open up Apple Pay to an entire new audience - and apparently the likes of Expedia & United Airlines have already signed up.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, Apple also announced that Apple Pay will launch in Switzerland, France & Hong Kong in the summer. 

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So, that’s this week’s eCommerce news - with a travel slant.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these - or any other stories you’ve read this week - so please comment below.  If you’d like to find out more about our travel expertise then either complete a contact us form here: or visit our travel pages:

Until next week. 

Written by:   Gareth Goodridge, Digital Marketing Director, Worldpay,  17 Jun 2016