Why you shouldn't ignore cross-border eCommerce

Written by:   Gareth Goodridge, Digital Marketing Director, Worldpay,  20 May 2016

I found this interesting fact today - which thought others might find interesting. In 1955 - the average distance we travelled to shop (including browsing) was 15.6 miles. By 2015 - this had jumped to over 6,200 miles (when you convert online activity into physical distance).

This not only highlights the growth of eCommerce - but also that of cross-border eCommerce (i.e. where online shoppers buy from a company based in another country).  I read recently - that cross-border eCommerce is predicted to reach $1 trillion by 2020. That's a shocking figure! 
eCommerce businesses should therefore think about customer preferences outside of their home country.  How people prefer to pay differs, not only from region to region - but from country to country.  
Cash on delivery is huge in some markets.  And in Brazil – up to 80% of online purchases are paid for by instalment.
As well as offering the right payment methods, there are some fairly simple changes eCommerce businesses can make to their websites, which will help convert more cross-border customers. Authentication certificates on the home page have a huge impact in some countries.  Others are influenced by the amount of personal data they need to enter - or even the methods of online help available.
As internet penetration grows in emerging markets - and online shoppers become more savy - cross-border sales are only going to grow.  So - ignore them at your peril. 
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Written by:   Gareth Goodridge, Digital Marketing Director, Worldpay,  20 May 2016