5 Tips to enhance your mobile retail experience

Modern-day consumers are redefining the physical and virtual shopping experiences like never before.

A study by InReality found that 75 percent of shoppers use their mobile devices to facilitate in-store trips. They’re downloading mobile coupons when they enter the store, browsing product details on their phone as they wander the aisles and closing out purchases at the register via contactless payment methods. Despite this, many retailers have yet to deliver a mobile experience up to customers’ standards, oftentimes leaving them confused and unhappy.
Here are five key mobile features businesses can incorporate to provide a seamless and connected experience that keeps customers coming back:
1. Geolocation perks: Geolocation tracking can be used to market to customers in a specific location. If customers are within a set radius from the store, retailers can send them information and promotions through their mobile devices to drive business online and in their brick-and-mortar stores.
2. Strong search function: With powerful search engines like Google used daily around the world, customers have high expectations for search functions for all sites on both mobile and desktop devices. A strong search function can improve conversion rates and lead to more satisfied customers.
3. Clean design that fosters speed and usability: The easier and faster they can make a purchase, the more likely a customer is to return to an app. To provide a usable and repeatable app experience, designers need to implement payment processing features that enhance the overall experience and help developers monitor mobile traffic. 
4. In-app checkout with biometric authentication: As Internet-connected devices become more sophisticated, adding fingerprints for biometric payments authorization is becoming more popular. Using this form of authentication as an in-app checkout option helps complete the seamless online experience.
5. Connection to social platforms: Although social content is the least common of online purchases, these customers are the most likely to be the most loyal customers, with 48 percent reporting they would subscribe to more going forward in our 2015 “Future of Digital Payments” study.

Written by:   ,  14 Apr 2016