Top 5 mobile stories from 2015

How did mobile change things in 2015?

"Giving Thanks” for mobile

Thanksgiving 2015 was yet another record-breaking affair for retailers, but this year’s sales bonanza was largely driven by online and mobile sales. According to the Adobe Digital Index, 37% of sales on Thanksgiving Day were made via mobile devices, up from 29% the previous year. Perhaps even more tellingly, nearly 60% of retail website visit were made via mobile.

Source: Financial Times

Smartphone officially the most popular technologies of 2015

If there was any every doubt left as to the omnipresence of smartphones (and of which companies are leading the pack) among today’s consumers, the results of Google’s 2015 “year in search” list will certainly put them to rest. According to Google, the two most searched consumer technologies of 2015 were the iPhone 6s and “Samsung Galaxy S6.

Source: VentureBeat

Virtual Reality in retail soon to be a “real” reality

As the lines between online, mobile, and in-store shopping become increasingly blurred, and with new technologies continuing to redefine the in-store retail experience, the stage is set for virtual reality (VR) to gain serious traction among innovative retailers. VR firms are already working on technologies allowing customers to browse customised VR shops and product ranges, try items on and shop via social media all while wearing a VR headset.

Source: Wired

The connected car market revs up

The announcement by US President Barack Obama in January that his government will invest over $4billion in accelerating vehicle automation projects may be the most ringing endorsement of the connected car yet. A number of car manufacturers from Ford to Bentley have already partnered with mobile providers to deliver value-adding services in their vehicles, and once cars don’t even need drivers anymore the possibilities for what connected services can be embedded in our vehicles will be almost endless.

Source: Recode

Facebook ups efforts to win eCommerce

In a blog post from late fall 2015, Facebook made clear its intentions to build a strong eCommerce presence. An expanded shop section of the site and new way to browse products called “Canvas” were just two of the new, mobile-friendly services that the company launched ahead of the holiday shopping season. With over 1 billion users and counting, it’s no surprise Facebook sees a huge opportunity in expanding its offering to meet our shopping needs. Time will tell how successful this eCommerce push will be but it’s likely 2016 will be a make-or-break year.

Source: Business Insider

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