Security goes client-side

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Security goes client-side

At the heart of any successful ecommerce platform you’ll find an uncompromised customer experience.

For shoppers feeling their transactions are secure no matter what device they are using ranks among the most important factors affecting a purchasing decision. 
Client side encryption (CSE), the process by which customer data is encrypted before being transmitted to a merchant’s server, allows shoppers to use their preferred secure payment method whether they are using their PC, mobile, or tablet to make a purchase. 
For merchants, supporting CSE means they don’t have to handle customer card data themselves. This reduces the burden of compliance liability for merchants handling sensitive data today, as part of the responsibility instead falls to a payments acquirer like Worldpay which will decrypt the customers’ information and process each transaction. 
Never have we had more ways to pay for goods and services, whether online or in person, but with this explosion in choice has come a greater focus on making payments as secure as possible. For many of the payment methods consumers are beginning to favour, CSE is the means to that end.

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Written by:   ,  26 Oct 2015