Supporting our customers in times of need

Help during the 2015 floods

When things get difficult for our customers we like to help them out if we can. So when heavy storms led to severe flooding in Lancashire, Cumbria and North Wales in late 2015, we stepped in to help our customers where we could.

Using information provided by the Environment Agency we identified 400 businesses we thought might be affected and got in touch with them to see how we could help.

We immediately replaced any terminals which had been damaged by flood water and offered the businesses affected a three-month holiday from their account charges to give them a bit of breathing space.

When a second wave of flooding hit parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire just days later we got in touch with hundreds more customers and offered our help in getting them up and running again as quickly as possible.

Helping SMEs to stay secure and resilient

Cyber-security is a growing challenge for businesses everywhere, but for small businesses with limited resources, coping with the threats that come at them from all directions is especially hard. It can create a devastating drain on their very limited resources and time. That’s why Worldpay is committed to doing everything it can to take the pressure off SMEs, helping them to stay safe and keep their systems and data secure. By taking as much of the strain as we can, Worldpay’s customers can focus on growing their businesses instead of protecting them from attack.

Whether they are small shops or online-only businesses, SMEs can now enjoy the protection of Worldpay’s security systems and expertise thanks to the creation of a brand new function - Enterprise Security Innovations and Strategy. This team is committed to finding ways to help Worldpay’s customers stay secure. These solutions range from simple commercial solutions such as negotiating discounted host protection solutions, to offering services such as hosted authentication and encryption which removes these challenges from their hands entirely.

Worldpay has been shortlisted for an award recognising our achievements in this area. Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards were set up to recognise the ‘social value and societal impact’ delivered by companies both in the UK and internationally. We have been shortlisted for the Barclays Award for Building Resilient Business which recognises businesses helping SMEs to become more robust.