As the world’s leading payments provider we’re committed to supporting our 400,000 customers in a responsible and sustainable way.

We provide them with a secure and reliable service that’s easy to use and helps them prosper and fulfil their wider business purpose.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their businesses, innovate with new products and services, and become more resilient. By making them more successful, we help local communities to prosper and the wider economy to grow.

Nurturing business

Local businesses are the key to vibrant communities. They are the main source of employment, training and economic growth. By providing our customers with payment solutions that are easy to use, and by sharing our expertise and resources, we help them to thrive.

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Driving innovation

By leading the market with new technology innovation we are giving our customers the tools they need to manage and grow their business. We also act as advocates in wider technology forums for our customers and host events such as hackathons to help foster innovation and encourage people to apply creative technology to emerging payments challenges.

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Supporting our customers in times of need

Sometimes it must seem as if new threats are constantly appearing on the horizon. From cybercrime to natural hazards, we help SMEs become more resilient by using our scale and infrastructure to help them wherever possible.

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