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EMEA presents a huge variety of opportunities for online businesses.  Despite recent periods of uncertainty, the region’s e-Commerce sector continues to grow.  The region contains a mix of established e-Commerce markets, as well as developing ones such as Turkey.

For example, Denmark is one of the world’s most advanced e-Commerce markets. Over 70% of the population currently shop online – which equates to a market of over 4 million online shoppers.  

France is one of Europe’s largest e-Commerce markets (worth US$78bn.)  As a mature market, growth predictions are modest – but remain significant, especially in mobile.  

The world’s 5th largest e-Commerce market is Germany.  Here, cross-border e-Commerce is also strong - with 50% of online purchases made via international websites.  

In terms of developing markets, it’s worth highlighting Turkey.  The country may have low Internet access – 56% - but the e-commerce sector is expanding rapidly.  Mobile purchases are expected to quadruple between 2015 and 2020, and cross-border sales also seeing huge growth – up 29%.

U.A.E is also predicted to see huge growth – even with Internet penetration at 99%, e-Commerce will more than double – from $4bn last year, to $10bn by 2020.

We’re also expecting to see some strong growth in South Africa. This will come mainly from mobile – which we predicted will double in size by 2020.

There are far too many markets in this region to mention them all individually.  But our payments experts have knowledge of all of them.

EMEA Payment trends

Payment preferences differ greatly within the region too.  Overall, Debit and Credit Cards are the preferred payment method – with 41%.  However, they are on the decline – as e-Invoices (more popular with younger consumers) grow.  

When it comes to each country – there are huge differences in payment preferences.  In Denmark, cards are the most popular (40%) – with e-wallets and bank transfer also common.  Mobile payments are growing – with extremely high adoption rates. 

Bank transfer is the preferred payment method in Germany (38%).  Here, Credit and Debit cards only make up 17% of e-Commerce payments – and this is expected to decline further.  When it comes to Card Schemes, whilst the big players dominate, 25% of the market is owned by local schemes.  

Italy has low Internet adoption – but is seeing e-Commerce starting to pick up. m-Commerce is looking particularly strong here - with 20% Italians now making a purchase via a smartphone or tablet. 

Like Germany, Bank Transfers dominate in the Netherlands – with 71% of e-Commerce transactions.  Mobile is also growing – and iDeal lead this space.

In U.A.E., nearly one in five e-Commerce payments are via Cash on Delivery – so if you’re looking to exploit this market, it’s key you find reliable partners. 

Credit and Debit cards make up almost 50% of e-commerce transactions in South Africa.  But as mobile grows, e-Wallets will become more popular.

Navigating the EMEA payment landscape can appear daunting.  But our team will help steer you towards the calmer waters.  So talk to us today.

Mark Fleming, General Manager, EMEA Worldpay eCom

“EMEA is a mixture of mature and emerging eCommerce markets, making it an exciting yet challenging region.  As Europe’s number one acquirer, we’re ideally placed to help your business across Europe and the rest of EMEA" 


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We currently support e-Commerce payments in all the major markets in the region, including:  Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, U.A.E, and more.

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EMEA Payment Preferences

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