Brazilians rush to book ‘best buys’ in online travel for Easter

Online travel bookings soar by 54 percent year-over-year in Brazil

17 Apr 2019

São Paulo | April 17, 2019: Worldpay, Inc. (NYSE: WP; LSE: WPY), a global leader in payments, is predicting a sharp rise in online travel bookings as Brazilian travelers gear up for this year’s Easter break.

According to Worldpay data, travel bookings saw a staggering 54 percent increase in 2018 compared to the previous year during the three weeks leading up to Easter. The company predicts that online sales for airlines and travel agents in Brazil are likely to peak again this year, as thousands of travelers plot a quick getaway around the holiday period.

Worldpay data also shows that those looking to travel over the Easter break are looking further ahead to book their tickets. Booking volumes in 2018 slowed by 10 percent in the week leading up to Easter, compared to the previous two weeks. According to the data, this could point to Brazilian travelers preferring to plan their holidays well in advance to find the best value for their getaways.

While the volume of sales continues to increase, the average value of airline bookings has fallen by 14 percent over the past year, according to Worldpay’s data. This shows that savvy Brazilian travelers are increasingly taking advantage of the competitive pricing and enticing offers promoted by an increasing number of airline operators in the Latin American market1.

Commenting on the data, Juan D’Antiochia, General Manager for Latin America, Global Enterprise eCommerce at Worldpay said: “The airline industry across Latin America is set to boom over the coming years with passenger numbers predicted to double by 20342 and Brazil leading the charge in the region. Easter is a hugely important festival in the Brazilian calendar and the data shows that more and more people are choosing to take to the skies to visit friends and family or enjoy a well-earned vacation over the holiday period. The increased number of budget airline operators is helping to fuel this trend, giving Brazilians more choice and value when it comes to getting away.”

“Mobile is the fastest growing commerce channel in Brazil3, and smartphones are the tool of choice for travelers looking to research and book their trip. Successful operators will be the ones that recognize it’s not just about competing on price. Offering consumers the best possible journey when it comes to paying for their trip will make the difference. To stand out from the competition operators need to optimize the booking experience, embedding seamless and secure payments at its heart. Whilst travelers might be looking for value for money, the impact of a frictionless purchasing experience is priceless.”

About the data

Transaction data quoted taken from analysis of Worldpay’s Global Enterprise eCommerce data for online travel operators from Brazil processed between March 05-25, 2018 and March 20 to April 09, 2017.

About Worldpay

Worldpay, Inc. (NYSE: WP; LSE: WPY) is a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global Omni-commerce. With an integrated technology platform, Worldpay offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, delivered globally through a single provider. Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions annually, supporting more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies. The company is focused on expanding into high-growth markets and customer segments, including global eCommerce, integrated payments and B2B. 

Figures quoted are according to Worldpay´s Global eCom customer transaction data for airlines and online travel agents in Brazil from March 05 to 25, 2018 and March 20 to April 09, 2017

Worldpay Global Payments Report 2018

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17 Apr 2019