optile Announces Partnership with Worldpay

30 Nov 2017

Munich, 30 November 2017 - optile GmbH, an open payment platform for international online enterprises, announced their partnership with Worldpay, a leader in global payments. The partnership will combine optile’s expertise in advanced payment business solutions with Worldpay’s strength in multi-currency processing and international e-commerce.


The partnership currently covers several strategic clients of various industries for both optile and Worldpay. The most recent joint client is windeln.de SE, one of the leading online retailers specialized in baby and toddler products in Europe. The company also operates a successful cross border e-commerce business with customers in China. At the moment, windeln.de is globally expanding their business with Worldpay’s extensive experience in international payment processing. optile delivers the quick and PCI compliant connection between windeln.de and Worldpay. Both companies connected to optile beforehand, so neither changes in their systems nor additional setups are needed to allow windeln.de to start using Worldpay's services immediately.


“We are excited about our new partnership with Worldpay, as it represents our belief that the future of payment lies in a connected world, which extends to the payment industry”, said Manuel Sandhofer, VP Sales and Partner at optile. “The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two companies’ respective strengths within our open market network.” The payment market network aims to build a trusted community of payment partners and merchants worldwide.


optile is part of Worldpay’s recently launched “Worldpay Works With”-portal, which is designed to showcase all the integrations and partners of Worldpay. ‘Works With’ includes details of over 60 partner integrations, plugins and add-ons, including commerce and point of sale platforms, and integrations with Internet of Things and subscription management service providers. This enables Worldpay’s customers to easily research and choose new applications or services and add them to their payment systems, and request enhancements to existing partner integrations.


International online businesses, which are connected to the optile platform, can access any payment method, provider or third party logic worldwide while staying flexible and free in optimizing and expanding their payment portfolio. Using optile’s single global payment interface helps online enterprises to configure their payment setup by click and therefore to significantly reduce technical and operational expenses. The “implement once” approach of optile Open Payments guarantees independence and uniform processes without requiring technical alterations. The key to the “implement once” concept lies in its abstraction of all payment related processes and in its base architectural interactions, wherein each element of the system is not only able to intelligently and seamlessly communicate with the other elements, but also to complement and complete each other.


About optile GmbH

optile is a solution built to optimize the payment world – not only for e-businesses, but also for end users. The Munich-based company has created a platform that virtualizes the payment market, so businesses get access to any payment method, payment service provider or acquirer, and third party logics. With optile’s single interface, businesses can easily connect to local and global payment solutions. Smart registration logics and personalization allow end-users to experience a seamless shopping experience helping online businesses to boost their conversion and increase their customer lifetime value. optile’s open platform comes with a significantly reduced implementation time, minimizing technical and operational expenses for online enterprises.

optile serves digital leaders in their respective industries and technical platform businesses, covering the bases of retail, travel, dating, gaming, and more.


For more information, please visit https://www.optile.net/ or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.


About Worldpay

Worldpay is a leading payments company with global reach. We provide an extensive range of technology-led payment products and services to around 400,000 customers, enabling their businesses to grow and prosper. We manage the increasing complexity of the payments landscape for our customers, allowing them to accept the widest range of payment types around the world. Using our network and technology, we are able to process payments from geographies covering 99% of global GDP, across 146 countries and 126 currencies. We help our customers to accept more than 300 different payment types.


For more information, visit http://www.worldpay.com/global

For more information about the “Worldpay Works With” portal, visit: https://workswith.worldpay.com/


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30 Nov 2017