Brazilian online travel bookings peak in October

1 Nov 2017

São Paulo — As summer approaches, Brazilians are already scheduling and planning ahead their trips for New Year, January school holidays and even Carnival. According to Worldpay, a global leader in payments, October and November are the busiest months’ for airlines and Online Travel Agents (OTAs), with bookings 12 per cent higher than the average month at any other time in the year[1].

An analysis of consumer spending patterns has revealed that the number of online bookings through OTAs peaks in mid-November (approximately w/c 14th), when they are 11 per cent higher than the two previous weeks[2]. Additionally, there is a secondary peak in the first week of October, suggesting that many Brazilians still like to book in advance when it comes to holidays[3]. However, for those wishing to secure a great deal, there are still a large number of Brazilians that wait until the last minute to book their online travel, to take advantage of last-minute deals.

Worldpay's data found that online purchasing in the last week of October can be 16 per cent cheaper than the previous three weeks of the month; indicating that waiting until the last minute pays off[4]. Last-minute deals on travel and accommodation can add up to significant savings for those savvy travellers willing to be more spontaneous. For those who want to save even more money, the best day to book is a Tuesday, when consumers can save as much as 18 per cent / BRL 126,00 on top of the price of the compared to other days (on average)[5].

Although the economic crisis has had a significant impact on the travel industry, business is starting to take off again for airlines and travel agents. As a result of this recovery, almost half of travellers (49 per cent) predict that they will fly for pleasure over the coming months[6]. More generally, Worldpay’s analysis also found that online travel bookings have increased by 24 per cent year on year in Brazil[7].

Commenting on the data, Juan D’Antiochia, General Manager for Latin America at Worldpay said: “Thanks to their ease and convenience, online travel agents are quickly becoming the most popular way to book holidays. Savvy travellers love to shop around, research the best deals and book from a travel website that is convenient and easy to use. Offering a slick payment process helps online travel agents to create a seamless travel experience to meet the demands of the modern consumer.”


Earlier this year Worldpay has launched a new report on how travel companies can create a seamless travel experience.




About the data

Figures quoted are according to Worldpay’s Global eCom transaction data for airlines and online travel agents in Brazil during 2016. Worldpay processed a total of 14.9bn transactions at a global value of £451.1bn in 2016.

About Worldpay

Worldpay is a leading payments company with global reach. We provide an extensive range of technology-led payment products and services to around 400,000 customers, enabling their businesses to grow and prosper. We manage the increasing complexity of the payments landscape for our customers, allowing them to accept the widest range of payment types around the world. Using our network and technology, we are able to process payments from geographies covering 99% of global GDP, across 146 countries and 126 currencies. We help our customers to accept more than 300 different payment types.

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1 Nov 2017