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22 Sep 2015

Worldpay today announces the launch of Insights Services its big-data analytics proposition, harnessing the power of Worldpay’s payments information enabling retailers to better understand aggregated consumer spend and preferences, both online and in-store.&nbsp

As the UK’s leading payments processing company, Worldpay handles 42 per cent of card transactions on the high-street and can provide a direct insight into how 63 million cardholders are spending with over 300,000 merchants. This rich source of factual, unbiased and granular information cuts across industry sectors and channels allowing Worldpay to collate a detailed view of consumer spending habits from across the UK.

Worldpay is now making analysis of this data available to customers, giving them a unique and comprehensive market perspective of consumer spending patterns and loyalty behaviours both at a national and local level, by sector, payment type, channel - and even by time of day.

Worldpay’s Insight Services is a flexible analytics service that can act as a standalone solution for businesses that have previously never had access to customer insights tools. It can also complement existing CRM and loyalty systems, offering merchants a suite of reports with a rich stream of data on local and national consumer spending habits.

By unlocking the value of payments data, retailers will be able to run their businesses more effectively and therefore more profitably, by better serving customer trends and better targeting specific preferences and spending habits.

Insights Services allows retailers to;

  •     Tailor stores to local needs at a granular level
  •     Enrich existing CRM and loyalty systems with targeted and holistic views
  •     Benchmark performance against an anonymised peer group
  •     Understand customer purchasing behaviours outside of their own business
  •     Track customer behaviour in new and existing stores
  •     Identify the best new locations for expansion
  •     Target and attract the right profile of customer

James Frost, UK CMO of Worldpay, said:  “Retailers are already incredibly sophisticated in terms of gathering and interpreting customer habits, be that in-person or online. Where we can really add value is by helping them continue to build up an ever more accurate picture of who that customer is even after they’ve left the store. It’s loyalty analytics, without the need for a loyalty scheme.

“As a result of the volume of payments we process, we can offer a cross-sector view of consumer spending behaviour right across the UK.  By aggregating data on such a huge scale, we’re able to help retailers navigate the often subtle variations in consumer preferences, enabling them to tailor their services accordingly. ”

Insights Services is available to all Worldpay customers. More information on the service, plus a range of interactive tools illustrating UK consumer spending habits visit:


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About Worldpay
Worldpay is a global leader in payments processing technology for our customers. We operate reliable and secure proprietary technology platforms that enable customers to accept a vast array of payment types, across multiple channels, anywhere in the world. The Group has three operating divisions: global eCom, Worldpay US and Worldpay UK.
On a typical day, Worldpay processes approximately 31 million mobile, online and in-store transactions and in 2014 we supported approximately 400,000 merchants in 126 currencies across 146 countries offering 326 local and alternative methods of payment. Our products and services are delivered by 4,500 staff from our corporate headquarters in London and 25 offices in 11 countries around the world.
Worldpay UK has a 42% market share in the UK and helps businesses of all sizes sell more to their customers by accepting card payments in-store, online, via mail or telephone, and on the move.

22 Sep 2015