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New eCommerce and larger businesses:

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Support for existing eCommerce and larger businesses:

Please call your corporate support manager or visit here.

UK Customers

Existing customer helpline:
Online or Virtual terminal payments: 0870 366 1233
Face to Face payments: 0845 761 6263
Corporate supported businesses should call their corporate support manager.
Sales: 0808 208 5133 or 0333 222 8905 or Request a call back
New UK eCommerce and larger businesses:

US Customers

Existing customer helpline:
Small/medium businesses: 1 800 859 5965
eCommerce and larger businesses should call their corporate support manager.
Sales: 1 866 505 5965 or link to live chat
New US eCommerce and larger businesses:

Other help

Shoppers - For an explanation of how paying through Worldpay works, and for information on the status of your payments for purchases made at one of the shops that uses the Worldpay Payment Service, please visit our Shopper Help page

Complaints - We do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best possible service. We do recognise, however, that we don’t always get it right. When that happens we always encourage you to tell us about your complaint so that we can put matters right.

To make a complaint please call 0330 134 8830 or find out more about our Complaints Procedure and submit a written complaint here.

Media Enquiries - Journalists who would like further information on Worldpay, or who would like to arrange for an interview and/or other contributions, should contact us via 

Investor Enquiries – For investor information on Worldpay, please visit our Investors site.