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En Worldpay, entendemos que su trabajo es dirigir su negocio, no preocuparse por el procesamiento de pagos. Por eso tenemos un objetivo en mente: ayudar a empresas como la suya a capturar todas las ventas con soluciones de procesamiento de pagos fiables y fáciles de usar que proporcionen la máxima seguridad para usted y sus clientes.

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Insightful Reports

Access clear, detailed and up-to-date sales performance figures for each line of your business

Timely Data

Easily pull up to 18 months of processing activity/history, including statements and reconciliation data

Manage Disputes

The iQ Now app transforms dispute resolution with documentation for faster resolution

On-Demand Training Courses

Helpful videos designed to help you run your business better – available to watch at your convenience.

Interactive iQ Overview


Get an in-depth overview of iQ, our online tool that gives you immediate access to account information like bill statements, plus actionable insights like month-over-month trends. This interactive course has been developed to highlight the portal’s most popular features and the easiest ways to access them.
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iQ Administration User l Viewing Time: 21:03


If you are set up as an administrator for iQ, you can set up additional users, as well as track and unlock users. This in-depth video walks you through each step of the way, including a few short cuts.
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Statement Retrieval l Viewing Time: 2:12


A quick look at how you can easily access your monthly statement through iQ.
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Merchant Disputes 101: The Basics l Viewing Time: 31:50


Learn all about what a chargeback (dispute) is, the different stages and terms, and how to avoid them altogether. We show how to set up alerts, pull reports and research disputed transactions, all using the iQ system.
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Merchant Disputes 201: PIN Adjustments & PIN Disputes l Viewing Time: 12:28


This training is designed to help you understand what a PIN-Based Transaction is, read the TARR Report, identify a PIN Transaction, initiate a PIN Adjustment, and respond to a PIN Dispute – all using the iQ platform.
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VCR (Visa Claims Resolution) l Viewing Time: 21:50


Learn how to manage a Visa dispute.
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MCM (Mastercard Management) l Viewing Time: 14:14


Learn how to manage a Mastercard dispute.
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Interchange Basics l Viewing Time: 08:04


Did you know there are four factors that determine the interchange rate of any given transaction? Learn the basics and some best practices.
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Con carteles, expositores y otros materiales esenciales, puede atraer a más clientes y comunicarles las marcas de tarjetas que acepta. Comuníquese con ellos directamente para conocer la disponibilidad.

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Consulte los presentadores, carteles y calcomanías, impresos y papeletas.

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