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Gliding Through PCI DSS Compliance

Empowering Sandbanks Style for Payments and Compliance

Paddleboarding has taken off as a recreational activity, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not as difficult as surfing, you don’t need waves, and the inflatable boards are simpler to transport. When Andy Belcher decided to purchase a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), he thought it must be possible to produce something high quality at a lower price. Sandbanks Style was born, a family-run company that designs, builds and sells high-quality SUPs for about half the price. Its boards have been rated 10 out of 10 for overall value and 9 for performance by SUPboarder Magazine, and it’s now the most recommended SUP brand in the U.K.

The start-up needed to find a partner with payment solutions that could scale with them from launch into continued growth, as well as ensure Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. Sandbanks Style selected Worldpay as its solutions, services and ongoing consultation empower the company to achieve both.

At a Glance

Find the products and support needed to ensure PCI DSS compliance and provide a complete solution for customer payments online, in person and by phone.
The SaferPayments Plus service from Worldpay ensures that Sandbanks Style complies with PCI DSS and the Virtual Terminal solution makes it easy to take payments over the phone, while the Move/5000 mobile terminals can be used anywhere, making them ideal for the trade shows that the Sandbanks Style team attends.


Worldpay has provided an education and execution in equal parts for Sandbanks Style during the company’s launch and throughout its continued growth, empowering the startup to navigate payments and PCI DSS. The company now has the technology to process payments wherever and however it does business.


Easy setup

Excellent support

Worldpay was recommended to me. Not only were they incredibly helpful, but its rates were better.”
− Andy Belcher, owner, Sandbanks Style
We put our trust in Worldpay. We’ve processed thousands of transactions and have not had a single problem.”
− Andy Belcher, owner, Sandbanks Style
I feel confident and happy with [Worldpay]. Why would I risk changing? It’s simply not worth it.”
− Andy Belcher, owner, Sandbanks Style