Client Story

A Clear View of PCI DSS Compliance

Optometrist Can Now Focus on His Customers

If you’re running a business, you probably prefer spending your time doing just that, instead of filling in forms. Optometrist Tony Wiseman certainly does. As in most organizations, card payments are an essential part of Tony’s business.

With the ability to take card payments comes responsibilities, however. You have a duty to protect your customers’ data from prying eyes. And, if you take payments through your website, you must take all reasonable steps to keep it secure from hackers.

It can sometimes feel as though threats are coming at you from all directions. How can you be sure you’re doing the right things to protect yourself and your customers?

That’s where the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) comes in. The PCI DSS was established to help protect card data of customers and reduce the risk of a data security breach by setting various standards that businesses taking card payments need to meet. By complying with the data security standards, businesses help protect both themselves and their customers.

Wouldn’t it be great to have friendly, knowledgeable and efficient support to guide you through compliance requirements?

That’s exactly what the Worldpay SaferPayments™ Plus service offers, and that’s why Tony chose it.

At a Glance

Get assistance with completing all administrative aspects of PCI DSS compliance.
The SaferPayments Plus service helps lighten the PCI DSS compliance load so Tony can spend more time and attention on growing his optometry practice.


Providing help with properly completing the mandatory self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) is just one part of the SaferPayments Plus package, which offers Tony year-round support on just about all aspects of PCI DSS compliance, including essential virus and vulnerability scans and remote monitoring of threats, among others.

Assistance with PCI DSS questionnaire

Simplified Process

Worldpay has been my card payment provider for about five years now, and SaferPayments Plus is just another way they try to make things easier for small businesses like mine.”
– Tony Wiseman, optometrist
Anything that lets me get on with the business I love is good for me. Would I recommend it [SaferPayments Plus service] to other people? Certainly.”
– Tony Wiseman, optometrist