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Worldpay Helps Burhill Group Limited Deliver Positive Customer Experiences

Privately owned by members of the Guinness family, Burhill Group Limited (BGL) was founded nearly 100 years ago as a family estates management company and has since become one of the leaders in golf, leisure and property management throughout the United Kingdom.

Ownership and operations now include 22 golf courses across 10 clubs, 12 adventure parks, two health and fitness clubs, a 15th century lodge and a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial estates.

As Group IT Manager at BGL, Bridget Jackson has a broad remit that includes everything from infrastructure to PCs, databases, payments and point-of-sale data.

According to Bridget, “We understand that our customers’ leisure time is precious. That’s why BGL strives to deliver the best service and value in everything we do – including how you pay. When you visit one of our venues, we want you to have a good time and enjoy yourself.”

Worldpay is BGL’s strategic payments partner

A Worldpay customer for about 15 years, BGL takes payments online, face-to-face and via telephone.

“We process approximately four million transactions a year through Worldpay,” Bridget notes. “Worldpay is a fantastic strategic partner. They have and share a wonderful development roadmap that provides us with visibility into the payments sphere of the future – plus Worldpay’s reliability is second to none.”

Customer experience drives all

According to Bridget, delivering an exceptional customer experience is at the heart of everything that BGL does, and that mindset also extends to payments.

“Payments are really vital to the group because that’s how we transact with our customers,” she says. “Cost is obviously important, as is the overall usability of the system. But most paramount is the customer experience – given we take a number of different forms of payments. Worldpay supports all our various payment options, and the dependable service provided by Worldpay is extremely critical for us.”

Worldpay solutions at work

BGL uses the Worldpay Dashboard to access a complete view of their business and payments activity, allowing them to interact with assorted information and data in real time – from card sales to settlements and invoices.

Additionally, Worldpay’s Pazien payments analytics platform automatically gathers processor, acquirer and gateway reports and breaks down that data into actionable insights to help BGL make business improvements.

The importance of relationships

Bridget is quick to cite the value of her ongoing rapport with her Worldpay relationship manager.

“One of the most beneficial aspects of our partnership with Worldpay is that I can pick up the phone and speak with a responsive and knowledgeable payments expert or, more often than not, he picks up the phone and proactively contacts me,” she says. “We have constructive discussions about where my business is going, what we’re looking for and how Worldpay can help.”

“We’re growing,” continues Bridget, “and onboarding three or four sites every year. Worldpay provides all the support we need in order to make that all happen from a payments perspective.”

Whenever BGL does open a new location, Bridget says she relies on Worldpay for new systems and terminals and to seamlessly integrate with BGL’s point-of-sale system.

“If you’re looking for a payments provider for your business, then Worldpay ticks all the boxes. They have the personal touch, a fantastic product roadmap and provide the ultimate reliable payments solution,” she asserts.

Next steps

As your trusted payments partner, Worldpay is on a mission to fuel smarter commerce. Click here to learn how Worldpay can help you take, make and manage payments more effectively.

At a Glance

Work with a strategic payments partner that provides comprehensive solutions, imparts a well-defined development roadmap and supports various payments options.
Consistent and positive customer experience provided via both diverse payments choices and a reliable platform.


BGL’s various venues with multiple points-of-sale leverage Worldpay’s omnichannel payments capabilities to allow guests to pay as they desire.

Reliable payments platform

Seamless omnichannel capabilities

Worldpay is a fantastic strategic partner.”
− Bridget Jackson | Group IT Manager, Burhill Group Limited
Worldpay’s reliability is second to none.”
− Bridget Jackson | Group IT Manager, Burhill Group Limited
If you’re looking for a payments provider for your business, then Worldpay ticks all the boxes.”
− Bridget Jackson | Group IT Manager, Burhill Group Limited