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Using Data to Boost B2B Payments

Boost Payment Solutions Uses the Worldpay iQ Platform to Transform Commercial Cards

Traditional B2B payments systems are fraught with inefficiencies that cause friction, errors and delays. As more businesses look to replace manual payments processes with digital technology, one company is leading the way.

Since 2009, Boost Payment Solutions has been at the forefront of B2B electronic payments, delivering payment processing efficiency, security, data insights and revenue optimization for their clients worldwide. The company’s technical innovations have transformed commercial cards into a cost-effective, scalable and secure alternative to traditional checks, wire transfers and ACH.

Headquartered in New York City, Boost currently operates in more than 45 countries with clients spanning a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, telecommunications, supply chain, logistics, insurance, transportation, real estate, manufacturing, utilities, media and advertising.

More than just payments

Boost has partnered with Worldpay since 2014 to develop solutions to drive efficiency, simplify processes and minimize fraud risk for their B2B clients.

Boost Payment Solutions uses the Worldpay iQ platform to enable and support flexible payment options and streamline operations. An automated solution, iQ provides in-depth, actionable payments reporting and analytics across multiple platforms to reduce the risk of errors and drive business growth.

As a recipient of one of the 2021 FIS Impact Awards – a program that highlights forward-looking organizations that use FIS technology to enhance customer service, drive tangible business results and advance commerce and the financial world – Boost was recognized for its use of the Worldpay platform to convert commercial card payments into a fully automated, straight-through processing experience.

At a Glance

Optimize commercial card payments for businesses around the world.

iQ core platform

In partnership with Worldpay, Boost Payment Solutions has converted the cumbersome commercial card payments process into a fully automated, straightforward processing experience with comprehensive reporting capabilities.


The Worldpay iQ platform provides data insights and analytics in an efficient, automated solution that reduces the risk of errors and provides flexible payments options for Boost’s B2B clients.

Insightful analytics

Payments flexibility

At Boost, we like to partner with the best and the brightest in the payments industry to develop solutions that no one has ever seen before. Worldpay is a perfect example of that. Together, we’re able to come up with solutions that are unique and meet the needs of our clients and partners.”
− Rebecca Schultz, Chief Marketing Officer, Boost Payment Solutions
We get to be a solution creator – not just a service provider or another piece of technology.”
− Rebecca Schultz, Chief Marketing Officer, Boost Payment Solutions