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Convenient, Easy Gas Station Credit Card Processing


September 16, 2019

Find just the right POS solution that meets your gas station’s many needs.

It’s no secret: gas stations can be a competitive business. To stay ahead of your competition on the next block, you need to carefully manage your front and back of house operations so you can maintain your margins and drive profit. Simplify the processes of organizing and tracking inventory, managing sales, and much more with a point of sale designed specifically for gas stations and convenience stores.

A POS that does much more than just ring up sales.

Walk into any local gas station and you’ll see a wide variety of products on display, including lottery, retail items, and check cashing services. And—not to mention—the star of your operations: the gas pumps. To be successful, you have to be able to easily track and manage these many diverse aspects of your operations. Choose a merchant services partner that understands the complexity of your business and is equipped to help you grow your operation. A POS system designed specifically for gas stations can be a game changer for your operation, as it helps with everything from scheduling employees to tracking inventory and sales reporting. 

The latest features in POS systems today.

You know it’s important to your customers that you accept credit and debit cards. However, today’s POS systems can do much more than just accept payments. 

When choosing a POS system for your gas station and convenience store, here are a few things to look for that will help you grow your business:

  • Fully integrated payments
  • Customizing to your business needs
  • Specialized functionality designed just for gas stations
  • Detailed, on-demand reporting capabilities
  • Transaction protection; our OmniShield Assure offers an all-in-one security solution
  • Marketing support that drives business such as gift cards and customer communications [Do we offer messaging services to our Merchants?]

Access detailed reports on-demand.

Today’s POS systems for gas stations allow you to review your entire operation at-a-glance, including both your front and back end operations. POS systems for gas stations allow you to quickly access all your payments data on-demand, whether you manage your station remotely or on-site. Our specialized reporting suite gives you access to sales reports, inventory sheets, and much more that will help you better understand your day-to-day operations and run your business more efficiently. Integrate your marketing efforts by sending instant offers to repeat customers or flash mobile offers to encourage customers to spend more at your gas station, in real time. Choose Worldpay for your gas station credit card processing and you can begin to enjoy all these benefits—and even more—today. Get Worldpay processing to fuel your business.