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Today, your customer is the point of sale. It's when they're ready.  One channel, two or more.  Day or night.  That's lots of channels, experiences, and payments to connect and protect. Still, it shouldn't require you to piece together solutions from different providers. That can lead to fragmented experiences, where customers and their payments aren't the focus of the point of the sale.  Complete experiences can come from one, global company, providing you with the total experience your customers demand. 

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Connect your business to a global payment processing solution

Worldpay Total is a complete payment solution, connecting and simplifying payments across all your sales channels, whether in-store, online or mobile. By joining the customer journey across channels, Worldpay Total helps improve customer engagement and loyalty, and it can even help lead you to higher sales.

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The importance of omnichannel

Creating seamless customer experiences across all sales channels.

Today, customers use several channels to search for and buy products and services. From online ordering to in-store pickup, businesses need to think of shopping as one experience. Omnichannel solutions create seamless and safe experiences across channels and borders—anytime, day or night.

For many businesses, omnichannel can look like a confusing blend of payment technologies, complex integrations, and security nightmares. Taken independently, this division of technology and vendors, as well as the high costs of reconciling different systems, makes it challenging to offer the kind of unified experience your customers demand.

You need a specific payments partner to navigate these complexities and help you bring the ultimate payment experiences to life. You've found that partner. We can help you unify your in-store, online, and mobile experience while maximizing global acceptance, protecting your revenue, and translating your data into insights.

Case study: Discount Tire

“For a provider who has taken care of us in terms of processing, price, monitoring, reporting—all of the things you need to run your business—Worldpay has done a very good job for us.”

Jim Farrar

Assistant Manager, Point of Sale and Sales Systems, Discount Tire

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The art and science of global payments. A definitive report from Worldpay.