Operating Instructions

Where can I find customer operating instructions?

The Customer Operating Instructions guide will help you make the most of accepting cards with Worldpay and tells you what you need to know about accepting card payments securely. Please read the guide carefully, as it will help you to accept card payments efficiently and smoothly, receive payments to your bank account and how to protect your business from fraud. The contents of this guide form part of your contract with Worldpay. The Customer Operating Instructions are referred to as the Merchant Operating Instructions in our contractual arrangements.


Card Payment Terminals

How do I use my card payment terminal?

Visit our help site for terminals


How do I order tally rolls?

You may order tally rolls here.

Order Tally Rolls


I need help understanding my Worldpay invoice

Please visit our help page

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I need assistance with reconciling my transactions

Please visit our Worldpay dashboard help site

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How do I reset my password for Worldpay Dashboard (formerly My Business Dashboard)?

Please visit our help site to find information on how to reset your password for Worldpay Dashboard (formerly My Business Dashboard).

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How do I reset my password for SaferPayments?

Please visit our SaferPayments password recovery site to reset your password.

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How do I reset my password for Business Manager?

Please click the "forgotten your password" link at the bottom of the login page.

Business Manager Login

Account Details

When do I need to update my account details?

You will need to update Worldpay on the following business changes:

  • Legal Entity Change
    (i.e. you've changed from a sole trader to a partnership or Ltd Company)
  • Change of Directors or Partners

Where should I send my completed forms?

All completed forms need to be sent to: MRADU@worldpay.com or alternatively send by post to: Account Details Unit, Victory House 5th Avenue, Gateshead, NE11 0EL Legal Entity Change (i.e. you've changed from a sole trader to a partnership or Ltd Company) Change of Directors or Partners

How do I change my bank account details?

Changing your bank account details Complete the form below to change your business bank account details. You’ll need:

  • To be the authorised signatory of the account
  • Your new and existing bank account details
  • Proof of your new bank account- please refer to the guidance document for a list of documents we will accept

Change your bank detail form (ROI version)

Change your bank detail form (UK version)

How do I change my business address?

Changing your business address If your business address has changed please print and complete the following form.

Download form

Customer Verification

When you start taking card payments through Worldpay, as part of the application process we are legally bound to identify all our customers and their beneficial owners. We also have an obligation to keep that information up to date. If we fail to do this or become aware this information is out of date, this could mean our customer’s funds could become inaccessible.
What does this mean for my business?

In simple terms this means we need to check that information we hold about your business is up to date. In some instances we may also need some new information from you - this could be because there wasn’t a requirement for us to get it at the time of your application, or that your information has changed since you began taking card payments. It needn’t take long, though. Depending on whether you operate as a sole trader, partnership, or limited company, it could be as simple as confirming your full name, date of birth, registered business name and address or providing some additional information.

What happens next?

It’s really important we verify your information as if we fail to do so there’s a possibility your business funds won’t get settled to your account. We obviously don’t want that to happen, so if we need to verify your details, our team will give you a call where they’ll quickly and clearly guide you through the verification process along with any supporting documentation. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

What do I need to provide for Identification?

If we need you to send verified documentation you’ll need to provide:

  • A Photo ID which verifies your name, address and date of birth – This is the simplest method as all you need to do is pick one document from List 1


  •     Pick one document from List 2 which verifies your name and one document from List 3 which verifies your address.


  •     If you are a non-EU national then you must send in a valid passport and current Visa.

List 1 (photo id)

Important : All of the below need to be certified photocopies not originals

  • Valid UK photocard driving licence (full or provisional)
  • National identity card
  • Firearms certificate or shotgun licence
  • Identity card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland

List 2 (name id)

Important : All of the below need to be certified photocopies not originals

  • Valid passport
  • Valid UK paper driving licence
  • Notification of entitlement to a state or local authority-funded benefit, tax credit, pension, educational or other grant, dated within the past 12 months
  • Any notification or correspondence received from HM Revenue and Customs, dated within the past 12 months

List 3 (address id)

Important : All of the below documents need to be originals not printed from the internet

  • Most recent council tax demand letter or statement
  • Most recent bank statement
  • Most recent credit card statement
  • Most recent utility bill
How to certify?

If you live in the UK or Ireland, please give the person who will certify your documents the following three items:

  1. Your original identification documents
  2. A copy of your identification
  3. This letter

Please ask the person who will certify your documents to take the following five steps for each copy of your identification:

  1. Quote both the Customer number and Reference number which is detailed at the top of this letter
  2. Write on the copy ‘Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me and presented to me by the named person’
  3. Sign and date it
  4. Print their name under the signature
  5. Print their occupation, business address (or if not applicable, their home address) and telephone number.

If you need further information please email us at customerverification@worldpay.com

Business Cash advance

What is Worldpay Business Finance?

Funding for small businesses is often difficult, but with Worldpay Business Finance everything is refreshingly easy. There’s only one cost, agreed upfront, with no interest, penalties or charges. You simply pay back an agreed percentage of your future credit card or debit card taking, meaning you only have to pay back when your customers pay you.

More Information

How do I apply for a business cash advance with Worldpay Business Finance?

If you are a current Worldpay customer, you can apply on our website.

Apply for Worldpay Business Finance

PCI DSS Compliant

How can I get support on becoming PCI DSS compliant?

PCI DSS is a mandatory requirement for any business taking card payments. Please visit our SaferPayments page to find out more.

Login to SaferPayments

How do I login to SaferPayments?


What is a chargeback?

A chargeback happens when a cardholder disputes a transaction with their card issuer. This can mean that a payment you’ve received in your Worldpay account could be reversed back to the cardholder – which can of course be frustrating. The cardholder may raise a chargeback for a number of reasons, for example goods not received, transaction not recognised or authorised.

How can I avoid chargebacks?

Be aware of how customers behave when they are shopping. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or something that just doesn’t feel right, it could be a sign of potential fraud, so act on your instincts and don’t go ahead if you are suspicious. Here are some tips to look out for in different payment situations.

More Information

Your Worldpay invoice

I have questions about my invoice and charges

Visit our help site

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Connect your Website to Worldpay

Developer guides

Visit the developer support site

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Business gateway integration guides

Visit our gateway guides support site

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How To: Add card logos to your website

The Worldpay Hosted Payment Page displays the logos of the cards and payment methods that you accept.

The logos that appear on your payment page are automatically controlled by the details of your installation. This page will therefore only display the methods that you have determined as acceptable.

The presence of known and trusted card logos such as Visa and MasterCard on the hosted Payment Pages enhances shopper confidence at the point of purchase. To further increase the shopper confidence add the card scheme logos into the body of your web site, as detailed below.

Using the Automatic Logo Display Script (Recommended)

To display the hyperlinked card logos that your Worldpay account can accept, type the following code into the relevant pages on your Web site:

<script language="JavaScript" src="https://secure.worldpay.com/wcc/logo?instId=XXXXX"></script>

Replacing the X's with your Worldpay Installation ID.

Note: Your shoppers will need to have JavaScript enabled in their browsers. We recommend that you do not copy and paste the above code, as it may not display correctly - type it in manually.

Manually Adding the Card and Payment Method logos

To add the card logos to your store please download them directly from the official card company website (you may need to re-size the logos before adding them to your store):

Why are card logos not being displayed on my website?

If you are using the "Automatic Logo Display Script" and these are not displaying payment methods please ensure that in the script you are using the correct URL:


Note you will also need to have a valid installation ID.

The code that you would need to use is:

<script language="JavaScript" src="https://secure.worldpay.com/wcc/logo?instId=XXXXX"></script>

Replacing the X's with your WorldPay Installation ID.

Worldpay POS

For Reader, Hub and the Worldpay POS application help

Please visit the Worldpay product help site.

POS Help

Shopper Help

I have questions about Shopper, where can I get help?

Please visit our shopper help site

Shopper help

Worldpay Dashboard (formerly My Business Dashboard)

Where can I find support for My Business Dashboard?

Pay by Link

What is a request for payment by email (Pay by Link)?

A request for payment by email (Pay by Link) allows a business to create and send a payment link for a pre-determined amount to their customers. In order for a business to send this type of payment request, you will have previously provided them with your email address. By clicking on the “Pay Now” button or the link in the email, you will be directed to the Worldpay payment page where you can make the payment to the business.

I’ve received an email requesting a payment. Is it legitimate?

If you receive a request for payment by email (Pay by Link), you should only click the “Pay Now” button or the link if you are familiar with the business and/or are expecting a request for payment from the business. You will have given your email address to the business to receive a payment request. If you have not expected a payment request or are not familiar with the business, do not click the Pay Now button or the link and do not progress with the payment.

The details of the payment request are not as I expected (e.g. the amount). What do I do?

As with any transaction, please check the details of the payment request are correct before progressing with the payment. If you are not satisfied, you should contact the business who can amend the payment request details. Worldpay cannot amend a request for payment by email (Pay by Link).