Worldpay Account Updater

Reduce friction with card-on-file and subscription purchases and increase revenue


The Card Updater Service for Increased Authorizations and Customer Retention

Modes of payment have shifted because of changes in consumer demand and the expanding use of card-on-file payments that support how customers consume goods and services today, from paying for music and movies to parking the car. At Worldpay, we understand it’s challenging to keep pace with changing card details. Powered by our network connections, Account Updater simplifies the process for subscription and card-on-file merchants. With this innovative card updater service, you’ll deliver the easy, touch-free payment experience customers expect, increase acceptance rates, boost revenue, improve retention and strengthen brand loyalty.

How Worldpay Is Simplifying Card-on-File Commerce

Automate card updating to boost revenue and deliver a seamless payment experience

Higher Acceptance Rates

Provide a positive payment experience and avoid lost sales due to card declines

Increased Customer Retention

Strengthen your customer relationships and your brand

Friction-free Payments

Deliver a touchless, easy point of engagement with this real-time account updater

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