What is liability shift?

If you have 3D secure (3DS) authentication enabled, you're no longer liable for some fraudulent chargebacks when a cardholder denies they made the purchase. Mastercard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, American Express SafeKey and JCB J/Secure are all 3DS cardholder authentication schemes which help the card issuer authenticate the identity of their cardholder when making an online purchase. If authentication is completed, liability for any subsequent fraud-related chargeback on that transaction shifts from you to the card issuer.

Cardholder authentication schemes are applicable to Internet transactions only.

When will I be covered?

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Restrictions to our authentication service


Installation or Service type


Corporate Gateway Call Centre (MOTO)

The cardholder isn't able to enter their authentication details.

Recurring Payments (PayAsOrder)

Except for the first transaction (or if a cardholder changes their card details and makes an immediate payment), the cardholder isn't present to enter their authentication details.

C - level, S - level or A - level service

On these service levels you're using your own acquirer, and so you'll need to contact them to enable 3DS. Service levels are explained in the payment process.

Verified by Visa in Asia, Canada, South America and United States regions

Liability shift has changed in these regions for Visa. Click Changes to Verified by Visa liability shift for details.