What are the chargeback reason codes for Visa and Mastercard?

Visa and Mastercard each use their own set of chargeback reason codes.

Note: Fraud is generally the most common chargeback dispute reason.

Visa chargeback reason codes

Dispute Condition DescriptionDispute Condition CodeCategory CodeCategory Code Description
EMV Liability Shift10.110Fraud
EMV Liability Shift Non-counterfeit Fraud10.210Fraud
Other Fraud: Card-Present Environment10.310Fraud
Other Fraud: Card-Absent Environment10.410Fraud
Visa Fraud Monitoring Program10.510Fraud
Card Recovery Bulletin11.111Authorisation
Declined Authorisation11.211Authorisation
No Authorisation11.311Authorisation
Late Presentment12.112Processing Error
Incorrect Transaction Code12.212Processing Error
Incorrect Currency12.312Processing Error
Incorrect Account Number12.412Processing Error
Incorrect Amount12.512Processing Error
Duplicate Processing/Paid by Other Means12.612Processing Error
Invalid Data12.712Processing Error
Merchandise/Services Not Received13.113Consumer Disputes
Cancelled Recurring Transaction13.213Consumer Disputes
Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services13.313Consumer Disputes
Counterfeit Merchandise13.413Consumer Disputes
Misrepresentation13.513Consumer Disputes
Credit Not Processed13.613Consumer Disputes
Cancelled Merchandise/Services13.713Consumer Disputes
Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted13.813Consumer Disputes
Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value13.913Consumer Disputes

Mastercard Chargeback Reason Codes

Mastercard Reason Code DescriptionCode
Requested/Required Information Illegible or Missing2
Warning Bulletin File7
Requested/Required Authorisation Not Obtained8
Account Number Not On File12
Transaction Amount Differs31
Duplicate Processing34
Card Not Valid or Expired35
No Cardholder Authorisation37
Fraudulent Processing of Transactions40
Cancelled Recurring Transaction41
Late Presentment42
Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided46
Exceeds Floor Limit, Not Authorised, and Fraudulent Transaction47
Questionable Merchant Activity49
Credit Posted as a Purchase50
Cardholder Dispute, Defective / Not as Described53
Non-receipt of Merchandise55
Card-Activated Telephone Transaction57
Services Not Rendered
  -Unwilling or Unable to render services
  -Payment by other means
  -Airline flight not provided
Credit Not Processed60
Counterfeit Transaction Magnetic Stripe POS Fraud62
Cardholder Does Not Recognise-Potential Fraud63