Stored credential transactions - new rules April 2019

Visa and Mastercard have introduced new rules on stored credential transactions. 

These rules will take effect on 30 April 2019 and you’ll need to ensure that your stored credential payment submissions comply with the rules by this date. 

Guides and documentation 

We’ve created two guides to help you make the changes, if you haven’t done so already: 
•    Our Stored Credentials overview outlines when to submit a stored credential identifier, and which identifier to submit depending on the transaction type
•    Our Integration Guide explains how to submit the identifiers to our platforms in your payment submissions 

Please pass these links to the technical team that manages your Worldpay integration. Note: if you use Worldpay’s gateway and have your transactions acquired by a third-party, we are carrying out development to allow our gateway to pass the identifiers to your acquirer. Speak to your Relationship Manager or Corporate Support Manager for more information. 

Why are Visa and Mastercard making these changes? 

Using a specific identifier for stored credential transactions enables parties in the payment chain to identify this transaction type, which is expected to improve risk management, approval rates, and the cardholder experience. Acquirers, merchants and payment service providers need to ensure they send the appropriate identifiers. 

For further information on stored credential transactions, please contact your Corporate Support Manager or Relationship Manager.